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MAX - Why You Need Homeowners Equipment

Equipment Breakdown Homeowners Brochure

April 2019

MAX - Homeowners EB Coverage.jpg

Equipment Breakdown Homeowners Coverage

April 2019

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Equipment Breakdown Homeowners

April 2019

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Equipment Breakdown
Farms and Agribusiness

June 2019

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Equipment Breakdown
Cattle Ranches

June 2019

MAX - Dairy Farms.jpg

Equipment Breakdown
Dairy Farms

June 2019

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Equipment Breakdown Farmowners
Loss Scenarios

June 2019

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Service Line Homeowners Coverage

Service Line FAQs.jpg

Service Line Homeowners

Farm Service Line Flyer AVAILABLE MI PAD

Service Line 


New October 2022 (from webinar)

This presentation by Mutual Boiler Re (MBRe) covers an overview of the two endorsements, covered losses, exclusions and benefits of selling equipment breakdown and service line coverage on Homeowners and Farmowners policies.  

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