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Welcome to MAX Marketing!  


                    View and download a brochure in PDF OR Contact your Regional Sales Manager for:


  • Ordering brochures in quantities of 100 or less for no charge

  • Interest in 50/50 CO-OP 

  • If you need the MAX logo

Homeowners Brochure

Homeowners Brochure

All states except AZ and VA.

Homeowners Brochure
VA only
Homeowners Brochure AZ.png
AZ only
Homeowners Brochure
Homeowners Brochure

VA Homeowners Brochure 

AZ Homeowners Brochure

Hobby Farm Brochure

Farmowners Brochure

MAX Advantage Program 

Compares 3 packages.
All states except AZ and VA.

MAX - Why You Need Homeowners Equipment

Equipment Breakdown 

Homeowners and Farmowners

Service Line 

Homeowners and Farmowners

Mutual Aid Ministries 

This brochure explains MAX’s Mutual Aid Ministries (“MAM”) program, including the MAX Share Fund. It also includes illustrations of how the MAM program assists individuals.

Statement of
Shared Values

This statement represents the shared values on which MAX is founded and members agree to when purchasing a policy.

Homeowners Brochure

Prospect Brochure

MAX history, benefits of MAX and what makes MAX different.

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