We want to help YOU - our local MAX Agents - in your communities live out our fair, faithful and socially responsible values.  You are the face of MAX in your towns, showing your communities that together, We Care Beyond the Contract.

MAX Community Grants are intended to help locally-based charitable or community service causes within an agent’s community.  Grants should be used for specific items, programs or initiatives that directly serve their community and/or the beneficiaries of the project.

Community Grant Program

New Agent $100 Grant Application

Are you a new MAX independent agent completing your checklist?  Apply for your $100 Charity Grant by clicking the button below.

Based on available funds, Mutual Aid Ministries may initiate seasonal $100 grant programs as we did in previous years.  All MAX independent agents will be encouraged to apply to receive a one-time $100 grant for a special cause, program or need in their community.  Specific criteria for these grants will be announced at the time of the program.  The timing of the program may coincide with a holiday or other time of year.