A.M.Best & Demotech Ratings

MAX Agency Partners,

For many years, MutualAid eXchange has held both an A.M. Best and a Demotech rating. After discussions with many of you and other companies similar to MAX, and research into various mortgage company and agent E&O carrier requirements, we have concluded that the costs of holding both ratings does not provide sufficient value to our members. Yesterday, our MAX Board of Directors determined that MutualAid eXchange will cease obtaining an A.M. Best rating. We will move to a single rating with Demotech. We chose to stay with the Demotech rating as we believe they are more aligned with our company's goals and vision.  As most of you know, Demotech's core philosophy is to review and evaluate insurers based on their area of focus and execution of their business model rather than solely on financial size.

We appreciate your continued support. With your help, MAX continues to grow and serve more and more members. With that growth comes the opportunity to serve your communities even more, through both the insurance products we provide and through our Mutual Aid Ministries program. Thank you for all you do.  

For more information on Demotech, please go to http://www.demotech.com/. To see MutualAid eXchange’s Demotech rating of “A, Exceptional”, please go to http://www.demotech.com/search_results_fsr.aspx?id=11878&t=2


Phil Blount, CIC, CRM Field Sales Director MAX (MutualAid eXchange) MAX Insurance Agency, Inc. 844-629-2468 ext. 169 913-754-3869 direct pblount@maxinsurance.com


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