Cosmetic Loss Exclusion Endorsement

Dear MAX Agency Partners:

Recent severe wind and hail weather in the Midwest has prompted MAX to review our Cosmetic Loss Exclusion Endorsement on homes, farm buildings, and rental dwellings with metal roofs.  The Cosmetic Loss Exclusion Endorsement is mandatory on property with metal roofs in the majority of the states in our operating area.  In an effort to apply this endorsement uniformly across all states MAX writes business in, the following change will be implemented for homes and buildings with metal roofs of any kind.  Effective 3/1/2020 for New Business and 4/1/2020 for Renewal Business, the Cosmetic Loss Exclusion will be added to all properties with metal roofs in the states of Illinois, Montana, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Ohio, South Dakota and West Virginia. The Cosmetic Loss Exclusion Endorsement applies to minor dings and dents, typically from hail, that do not impact the integrity or functionality of the roof.  Any damage that does compromise the roof’s functionality would be covered in accordance with the policy.  As a result of this change, a 1% premium credit will be applied to policies with metal roofs to account for this change in coverage.   For more information on the Cosmetic Loss Exclusion for metal roofs, please review the endorsements in the PDFs below or contact MAX Underwriting at  (844) 629-2468

HO 2002 on all HO DP M115 in all but WV FO M115 and IL M115 on all farms Note:  Signature not required by insured on forms Sincerely, Chris Vardiman Underwriting Manager MAX (MutualAid eXchange) 4400 College Boulevard, Suite 250 Overland Park, KS 66211 844-629-2468, ext. 126 913-754-3826 direct


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