Creating our Tomorrows

By Dave Wine, President & CEO

Here is one of the most powerful statements we could ever internalize: “What we think about today creates our tomorrows!” We quite literally feed our minds, and, when mindless, our egoic minds tend to fill themselves with thoughts of fear, jealousies, limitedness, and judgments. That is where the great power of being mindful comes into play. We can affect our tomorrows in a huge way by what we feed our minds with today. Do you want more love and peace in your life? Begin today to think thoughts of love and peace! Do you want more trust and goodwill? Fill your mind with those thoughts now. The world we live in is heavily invested with fear and victimhood. Turn on the news, read a newspaper, look at social media and just note how many of the headlines and topics are about fear and what the world and others might do to us. Why? Because, as I write often, our egoic parts of our minds are taught to look out for fear and bad tidings, make judgments, and look for hidden dangers. So our media knows that sells! It is our more primitive mind bent. So again, it takes great effort and focus to feed out minds with thoughts of love, peace and optimism – you can only do it practicing mindfulness –watching what you are feeding your mind.

And feeding our minds is not just a personal, individual focus, but also one that affects us as a company – a community of individuals. For example, the more we as a MAX team feed our minds with wholesome, abundant, loving, supportive thoughts, the more MAX will thrive! Look at sports teams as another example. Over and over it is not the team with the ‘best’ athletes that win championships. It is most often the teams that have a common focus, vision and inclusive type thoughts that rally around and support one another in special ways. It works the same with MAX. Think of what 52 team members can accomplish when we are feeding our minds today with thoughts of a productive, fun, loving, whole, expansive, limitless tomorrow! A huge part of creating and sustaining wholeness begins in our mind! I invite all of us to think seriously about what we are feeding our minds today so that we can create what we most want tomorrow – both for you personally and for MAX!

Remember: What we think about today creates our tomorrows!


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