Easier Binding Process

MAX Agency Partners,

Good news!  We have listened to some great feedback from our agents and have made the following changes to our policy binding process!  This week you will notice that we are no longer asking for the member’s mother’s maiden name to “E-Sign” our applications.  Moving forward for all new business, we are asking that our agency partners obtain and keep a copy of the signed Application and the Statement of Shared Values from the member.  (No need to obtain a new signature for existing business at renewal.)  You can print a hard-copy for the member to sign and keep it in the MAX policy system or your own agency management system/files.  Or, you can utilize DocuSign or any other electronic signature option you have at your agency to capture signatures.  The choice is yours! Simply obtain a signature and keep it on file at your agency.  We may need to check an application for a member’s signature in the future, so please be able to provide us with a copy at request.  Below is a screenshot of the new signature section and how it will look when you bind business with MAX. We hope this change makes binding a policy with MAX a little easier.  If you should have any questions about this change please reach out to the Sales and Service Center at 844-629-2468