MAX Coffee Club - Managing Employees Working from Home

August 7, 2020

MAX Agency Partners:

Have you joined our MAX Coffee Club?   We held our second one yesterday on Managing Employees Working from Home.  Check out the recording below.

You can also download the slides which include recommendations:

  • Be patient. It’s a lot of work for the manager especially in the beginning, but as you learn what works, you’ll find a good rhythm.

  • Respect the work boundaries. Don’t send emails/voicemails off-hours if you don’t expect your employees to work off-hours.

  • Stay flexible. It changes every day, especially as systems go up and down and you are so reliable on those connections.

  • It’s not about the technology. One on one visual communication is what’s important. Be patient with your people too!

Download Slides PDF

There's still time to sign up for upcoming coffee clubs!

Chat with MAX team members and other agents in our upcoming 30-minute coffee breaks.  What’s a coffee break without coffee?  If you're one of the first ten agents to reserve a spot, we’ll send you a MAX mug with some Starbucks or enjoy your favorite morning beverage in your MAX mug during our virtual break. 

Meet your Underwriters…

hosted by Phil Blount, Director Sales & Support and Chris Vardiman, Underwriting Manager with the Underwriting team

A special MAX Coffee Club welcome to our newest agents.  Meet your underwriters and ask questions about MAX Home, Farm, and Dwelling Property business.

Wednesday, August 19

10:00am CST / 9:00am EST


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Thursday, September 3

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