MAX Expands to Utah

MAX Agency Partners,

Exciting things are happening at MAX in 2018!  Through our partnerships with our Independent Agents, MAX continues to grow and reach more new members.  I want to personally thank you all for your support of MAX, for connecting us with your customers, and for your support of our Mutual Aid Ministries program. 

With all our growth and activity, you could say that the folks at MAX have been “As Busy as Bees”.  So what could be more fitting than expansion into The Beehive State, Utah!  I’m pleased to announce that as of April 1, we are "Live” for New Business in the State of Utah!  We have already made some great connections with agents in Utah and are excited to write our first policy in April.

As we continue to work on our expansion in Utah this Spring, please let us know if you have a Utah non-resident license and would like to write business there.  Also, if you know any Independent Agents in Utah that you think would enjoy partnering with MAX, send them our way! 

We’re definitely not stopping with just one new state!  We’ll be working on expanding our operating area to more regions in the U.S. through the coming months/years. 

Thanks again for your support of MAX and all that you do!


Phil Blount, CIC, CRM Field Sales Director