MAX Farmowners Protection Classes Updated

Effective Dates:  11/1/2018 New Business; 12/1/2018 Renewal Business

MAX Agency Partners,

Ever wonder why our protection classes are different for Homeowners and Farmowners?  Well now they are the same!  In August, we gave you a sneak peek into the protection class change in our Farmowners program we’ve been working on this summer.  I’m pleased to announce that the filings and the development work are completed and this change is ready for your agency to take advantage of! 

As of November 1st for New Business and December 1st for Renewal Business, our protection classes on Farmowners will match our Homeowners protection classes.  What does that mean for your agency and the farm business you quote with MAX? 

Any Farm you quote that is within 5 miles of a responding fire department and…

  1. Within 1,000 feet of a year-round water source of at least 3,500 gallons and the responding fire department is equipped to respond with pumper truck capabilities. 


  1. The responding fire department is equipped to respond with pumper/tanker truck capacity of at least a combined 3,500 gallons.

These risks will be considered “Fully Protected” and receive a better rate on Protection Class.  (Note: If these options do not apply, the risk is still eligible but will be rated as “Partially Protected”.)

View a PDF of the new screenshot here.

Farm Renewals are eligible for the change in Protection Class with renewals effective Dec. 1 and after.  You can change the Protection Class by starting an endorsement change and updating the Fire Protection information on your endorsement quote. 

This change is in response to requests from our agents to make our pricing more fair on our Farmowners business and to help your agency sell more Farm business with MAX. 

Your Regional Sales Manager will be in touch with you soon to discuss these changes and how you can take advantage of better rates on Farmowners business with MAX.

Thanks for selling MAX!


Phil Blount, CIC, CRM Field Sales Director MAX (MutualAid eXchange) MAX Insurance Agency, Inc. 844-629-2468 ext. 169 913-754-3869 direct


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