MAX Update: Actual Cash Value Roof Surfacing Endorsement

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

June 29, 2020

MAX Agency Partners: Effective 7/05/2021 for all renewal business in all states except Virginia, the Actual Cash Value Roof Surfacing endorsement will be added on asphalt, architectural, and composition roof types that are 20 years old or older at the time of renewal. We realize that not everyone remembers to update their information with us when they update their roofs, so we are asking our insureds to provide their current roofing information. Insureds with an asphalt, architectural, or composition shingle roof on homes more than 18 years old will be sent this letter (View PDF) in their renewal packets. If an insured contacts you with this information, please update the information by endorsing the policy in the MAX system. You can create an endorsement by going to the actions tab once you are in the policy. Thank you for your assistance and for selling MAX insurance!


Chris Vardiman

Underwriting Manager

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