MAX Update: Resuming our Policy Payment Process

May 19, 2020

MAX Agency Partners:

In mid-March, we suspended all non-pay cancellations to help our customers as they adjusted to the COVID pandemic. In April, we extended the suspension date through May 31.You may view that announcement here. On June 1, the system will begin sending these cancellations out again. This email explains how we will handle these policies and options available. If you have specific members that were impacted by COVID-19, you can contact us on our agent line at (844) 629-2468, or have them contact us on our main line at (877) 971-6300 for individual assistance.

What happens on June 1

Outstanding cancellation notices

  • A small number of members received a non-pay cancellation notice before the suspension, but the system did not process the final cancellation. On June 1, those cancellations will process back to the original cancellation date. If your customer still needs assistance, the only option here is a rewrite subject to the normal underwriting processes.

Outstanding invoices

  • For members who missed an installment payment during the suspension but have not yet received a cancellation notice, the system will issue a cancellation notice using our normal cancellation time period.  You can see these policies using the ad-hoc reports function in Stingray, found on the “Tools” tab. Then run “Agency Late Pay”. Cancellation dates will not show on the report until June 1.

Expiring Policies with no payment received

  • For members with policies expiring during the suspended time frame, a letter was mailed on Monday, May 18, explaining the next steps. View an example of this letter here.  You can see these policies using the ad-hoc reports function in Stingray, found on the “Tools” tab. Then run "Agency Renewals affected by COVID19 moratorium".  

  • On Jun 1, cancellation notices will go out, with an effective date of the original expiration plus 15 days. The customer will then have an additional 15 days after the cancellation notice goes out to make their payment or contact us. The policy will cancel retroactively unless their payment is made.

  • Ex: If a policy was set to renew on April 1 and the customer has not yet paid, the cancellation notice will go out on Jun 1 to be effective back to April 16. They will have 15 days, until Jun 16, to make their renewal payment or to contact us to make other arrangements. 


  1. If your customers were affected by COVID-19 and are unable to make their full payment, you can change their pay plan. To do this in Stingray, open the policy, select the “actions” tab, and click "change payment plan”. Stingray will display the options including payment dates, amounts and associated fees. 

  2. If this does not resolve the member’s current ability to pay, we may be able to to further extend the existing payment’s due date. Please call us on our agent line at (844) 629-2468 or have them call us directly on our main line at (877) 971-6300.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact the MAX team directly on our dedicated agent line at (844) 629-2468 or through live chat on Thank you for allowing MAX to continue to create and sustain wholeness for your clients, your agency, and your community.  We appreciate your business. 


Lisa Bage, Ed. D., CPCU

Chief Operating Officer

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