New!  MAX System Enhancements

June 23, 2022

MAX Agency Partners:

MAX is excited to announce two new changes to our system that we think will help you save some time when quoting and servicing your MAX policies.

1. Homeowner's Quote Prefill Information

Starting this week, when quoting a homeowners policy with MAX, you’ll notice certain information about the home will prefill automatically into the system. If available, MAX will prefill information including:

  • Year built

  • Construction Type

  • # of Stories

  • Square Footage

  • And several other details about the home

Having these details import automatically into your quote will help save time entering information to get an accurate replacement cost and determine coverage needs. If you find any prefilled information to be inaccurate, you can simply update it with the correct information.

2. Updating Closing/Effective Dates on New Business Updating the effective date on a new policy when the closing date of a new purchase changes can be a real hassle. The MAX development team has made a recent change that will help relieve some of that frustration and save you time on selling your next new home purchase policy. Effective immediately, all you need to do to update a new policy with a new closing date is to go to Actions, Select Closing Date Change, input the new date and click Update.

We hope both of these recent changes to our system will help make quoting and selling with MAX just a little bit easier and more convenient for your agency. Thanks for selling MAX!


Phil Blount, CIC, CRM

Director Sales & Support

MAX (MutualAid eXchange)

844-629-2468 ext. 169

913-754-3869 direct