New! Policy Forms are Available

MAX Agency Partners:

Good news!  We have listened to some great feedback from our agents and have added our policy forms in our Stingray Policy Processing System!  

Simply go to the "UW INFO" tab and click "Policy Forms".  The page displays all forms used in our system for a given state and line of business, based on the user's appointment states.  All active forms will be listed.  Click on the form's link and a PDF will open.  In addition, expired forms will display for 12 months and will be identified with its expiration date.  Click here to view Screenshots in PDF on how to access the policy forms.  

If you have any questions, call our Agent Line at (844) 629-2468 or use Live Chat at

Thanks for selling MAX!


Phil Blount, CIC, CRM Field Sales Director MAX (MutualAid eXchange) MAX Insurance Agency, Inc. 844-629-2468 ext. 169 913-754-3869 direct


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