News from MAX - EZLynx Homeowners Quoting for Pennsylvania

October 30, 2020

Pennsylvania Partner Agents: MAX is pleased to announce that we are now available on EZLynx to quote Homeowners Business for your agency!  If your agency is currently using EZLynx Comparative Rating and would like to set up MAX as one of your carriers to quote, please find the “Setting Carrier Logins” link on your EZLynx Menu and follow the instructions to add MAX - MutualAid eXchange as a new carrier.  You’ll need your individual MAX System Login Credentials we provided you with at the time of your appointment.  If you have any questions about your MAX logins, contact Luann Henderson at (844) 629-2468.  For assistance with EZLynx new carrier set-up, please contact your EZLynx Rep or EZLynx L1 Support at (877) 932-2382, Email:

In addition, MAX is already live on EZLynx in the states of Arizona and Utah, so if you have business in those states, you can quote through EZLynx too!  We’re very excited to bring this new feature to your agency and hope that it will encourage you to quote Homeowners business with us regularly.   Thanks for selling with MAX!

Sincerely, Phil Blount, CIC, CRM Director Sales and Support MAX (MutualAid eXchange) 844-629-2468 ext. 169 913-754-3869 direct