Oklahoma Matching Exclusion, Service Line Update and New Discount

May 18, 2020

Dear MAX Agency Partners licensed in Oklahoma, Oops, we have a correction to today's email.  Please note that Effective July 15, 2020, for new business (not renewals as previously stated), the following changes will be coming to all Homeowners policies written in the state of Oklahoma.  Form (IL M122 10 19) Matching of Undamaged Material and Consequential Damage Exclusion will be added to all MAX policies.  Because this is a change to the coverage on our policy, we would like our agents to review and become familiar with this exclusion.  View this new exclusion form in PDF. Form (HO MSL01 10 19) Service Line Coverage, has been updated and contains a number of form and coverage changes.  Please review the new coverage form to become familiar with this coverage item. View this new exclusion form in PDF. New Discount Options We are also introducing two new premium discounts under our HO-3 (Special) policy form: Hail Resistant Roofing discount which includes a credit for either Class 3 or Class 4 rated roofing shingles.  Water Leak Detection discount which includes a credit for the insured having an active plumbing leak detection system monitored by a central station or a SMART system that provides alerts to the homeowner via text message or similar notice.  These systems can further vary by having automatic shut-offs and/or battery backups. If you have any questions regarding this change please get in touch with your Underwriter for Oklahoma, LaDonna Wedel, at 844-629-2468.  Thank you for selling MAX!


Chris Vardiman

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