View from the Top - MAX is here for you during COVID-19

March 13, 2020

To Our Valued Partners:

I want to take this opportunity to update you on MAX’s plans to address the growing concerns and issues related to the Coronavirus. As we all know, this pandemic’s reach is growing each day and none of us know what the eventual outcome will yet be. MAX’s commitment is to live out our vision and values of creating and sustaining wholeness during this time making sure we do everything possible to keep you and your clients well served and also help keep our team as healthy and safe as possible.

Thanks to our planning and current operational contexts, MAX is well positioned to do this regardless of the ultimate disruption this virus may cause. All of our team across the United States already works from home on a semi-frequent basis. We know that we can carry out all of the essential operations of MAX whether our physical offices are fully staffed or not. We will continue to write new business, make endorsements, renew policies, settle and pay claims and support your agency with our regular WOW service! We are also ready to help you think about your own agency operations and how together, we can support one another to give your clients all the services they need and expect should your agency or communities get hit hard by the virus. This is another way of living out our vision of creating and sustaining wholeness.

Starting now, team members normally located in the Overland Park office will rotate shifts between our physical office and their home offices. This way, should the virus hit our team, the infection dates will be staggered, helping to make sure we keep our services to you fully engaged. Our regional field sales managers will continue to work with you on a regular basis, but we have limited their travel. Instead, they will use our existing video-conferencing capabilities. This restriction allows us to limit exposure to both them and your staff while maintaining a high level of personal service for your agency.

For you, these changes will be seamless. Our team will be available to you by phone and email in the same way as they are when they are in the office. Many of our team already choose a work from home option so this is not new to MAX. We are already doing this and it works well. So again, our service to you will still be what you have come to expect and appreciate from MAX. Should our situation change, we will keep you updated.

In closing, please be in touch if you have questions. Again, we stand ready to help you keep wholeness going in your agency and community during this time as well. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to visit more about how we have set up MAX to deal with these types of issues.


David Wine

President & CEO

MAX (MutualAid eXchange)

MAX Insurance Agency, Inc.

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