Below are screenshots in PDF from our Stingray policy processing system.

Print Loss Runs

New feature!  March 2022

How to Find Policy Forms

Find policy forms by state and line of business.  August 2019

How to Upload Images in a Farm Quote

If you’ve finished your farm quote and you are ready for an underwriter to review it, the last step is attaching photos to the quote.  August 2019

e2Value Estimate for Farm Buildings on a Farm Quote

August 2019

Follow-Up in Diary Notes of a Policy

MAX agents can send a follow-up note to yourself or another agent in your agency within MAX's policy processing system (versus using your own agency management system).  January 2019


Binding Process

Payment Options & Signature, Statement of Shared Values, Payment Select & Entry, Bound Page.  June 2018.

How to opt-in a member for electronic policy delivery. 
(Go paperless)  

  • Fire Department Fields  

  • Verification questions for an older home that has full updates

  • April 2018

  • New and improved Homeowners quoting.  

  • June 2017

MAX no longer requires an e2value estimate on Coverage E buildings covered for $25,000 or less. 

Uploading images on farm quotes and polices has been improved. 


Easier Deductible Changes

Make updates to deductibles in one simple pop-up screen.


Streamlined Quoting

Fewer UW questions, Coverage E Building Changes, Removed Duplication, Easier Workflow

MAX Agent Appreciation Line

844-MAX-AGNT or 844-629-2468